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With A Friend Like Harry  

Directed by: Dominik Moll

Synopsis: In the frenzied heat of midsummer, a family - Michel and Claire and their small daughters - are trying to take a vacation to get away from the headaches of the farm that they have unsuccessfully been working to restore for over three years. Out of the blue, Harry arrives - an odd visitor who says that he has come to help them. Despite his good intentions, Harry's fierce determination leads to a strange and frightful sequence of events. (from Yahoo! Movies)

What is so great about this movie is that it keeps you in this state of wonderment and curiosity from start to end. Harry shows up, almost an eerie coincidence really, and offers to help Michel in so many ways, one cannot help but think of his intentions. Can he really be that good? Why is he doing this? Harry is such an odd character that one speculates whether he exists or not. Maybe he is just a figment of Michel's imagination? It could really go either way, and the film is not definitive about this matter, which just adds to its enigmatic aura.

Overall performances are great, but the real star is Sergi Lopez for his portrayal as Harry. He is serene and composed, which makes his character ever more unnerving

"With A Friend Like Harry" is a haunting movie. It's a bit on the dark side of humanity, but it's still quite a journey.

Film is Rated R for language, some violence and brief nudity. Running time is 117 minutes. French subtitles.


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