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Wild At Heart  

1990 124 mins

dir - David Lynch

stars - Nicholas Cage - Sailor Ripley Laura Dern - Lula Pace Fortune Willem Dafoe - Bobby Peru

Whilst looking for the latest Raw is War that I taped last night I put the wrong tape in the video, I don't know who taped it or when, but I came across this film which luckily was near the end where Willem Dafoe gets his head blown off by his shot gun. This little teaser therefore made me rewind to the begining and start watching what looked to be a promising film. Did it live up to early expectations? Read on this is getting exciting.

Now there has been a lot of negative things said about St. Nick at BBM (he's on the enemies list for a kick off and is therefore doomed for all eternity) and you may think that I have lost all my morals, but I was pleasantly surprised by this film that I had never heard of.

It's a kinda type of love story, road movie, violent type all in one thing in which The Cage plays a psycho that has just come out of prison after serving his sentence for destroying someone's head on a marble floor in a lobby, the deed and results of which we are kindly allowed to watch. He is met by his girlfriend who has disobeyed her mother to go and see him and consequently run off with him for which mummy gets a bloke to track him down with the idea of finally killing The Cage. He ends up in prison again for six years after a bungled robbery attempt and comes out to what I think is his wife and a new son who he then walks away forever from because he thinks his son will be better off not knowing him. He then sees the light and goes back to them.

It's also full of the woman out of Jurrasic Park with her kit off and after writing all this I have decided to change the mark from 6.5 to 7 because it deserves it. I'm now looking forward to watching Red Rock West tomorrow night which also stars The Cage with Dennis Hopper I've just read the preview in the paper and it looks quite promising. Could The Cage turn from most hated actor to one of my all time favourites in the space of two nights? Who knows, only time will tell. Oh my god the tension is almost unbearable. Only one day to go until we find out so stay tuned to BBM, we got some dancing to do.


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