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The Whole Nine Yards  

After the formulaic nonsense of the trailer I must admit I wasn't too excited about this Movie, and yes, as you can guess by it being featured in here my suspicions have proved right.

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The Movie feels like everybody involved is on autopilot "Yeah I had nothing else on so I made this Movie". If the people invloved had put a bit more effort into it then this Movie might have been a delicious Black Comedy. But no they decided to make something completely pap instead.

Bruce Willis even wears a vest in it. Sorry Bruce , wrong franchise, thats your Die Hard Movies that's for.

Matthew Perry's role is a virtual zerox of his role in Friends, except he ups the slapstick to the nth degree, with about a million pratfalls. Sorry Matthew a couple of pratfalls is funny but after the fiftieth time it really starts to grate.

Watch something good like Grosse Pointe Blank instead.

Tall Guy

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