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White Men Can't Jump  

1992 112 mins

dir - Ron Shelton

stars - Wesley Snipes - Sidney Deane Woody Harrelson - Billy Hoyle Rosie Perez - Gloria Clemente Tyra Ferrell - Rhonda Deane

White Men Can't Jump is by no means the one of the greatest films of all time and won't make any top 100 lists or whatever but I found it very watchable and entertaining.

The story is that Billy Hoyle & Sidney Deane become partners and instead of hustling each other on the basketball court, they take their hustling all over L.A. trying to make some big money but some of the time things don't necessarily turn out the way they had planned and this allows the story to develop further from just the basketball side of things.

Snipes and Harrelson are excellent in the film and work very well together and they seemed to be very natural in their roles and played some sweet basketball. It isn't an out and out comedy but it is funny at times and in my opinion it is a couple of hours well spent if you see it advertised on TV anytime. A must for basketball fans and definitely recommended even if you're not.


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