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Where The Money Is  

Henry Manning (Paul Newman)
Carol McKay (Linda Fiorentino)
Wayne McKay (Dermot Mulroney)
Mrs. Foster (Susan Barnes)
Mrs. Teltow (Anne Pitoniak)

Directed by Marek Kanievska Written by E. Max Frye, Toppee Lilien and Carroll Cartwright
Rated PG-13 for sexual content and language Running Time: 89 minutes Distributed by USA Films

Where the Money Is
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Where the Money Is is a mediocre film that's strength is the isolated performance by Paul Newman. While waiting for the construction of a new prison hospital to be complete, convict Henry Manning (Newman), who has recently suffered a stroke, is transferred to a nursing home for the elderly. Henry's nurse is Carol McKay, who is a former prom queen that has been married for ten years to former football star Wayne (Mulroney). Carol quickly learns that Henry was a huge and risky bank robber before going to prison. She begins to suspect that Henry's afflictions may not be quite as debilitating as the doctors and prison authorities believe. Convinced that Henry is faking his stroke, Carol becomes determined to crack Henry's facade of a stroke victim to help her rob a local bank.

Where the Money Is is just a mild movie that does finish stronger than it opens. However, the only real interest to me in this film is the acting by Paul Newman. E. Max Frye, Toppee Lilien and Carroll Cartwright all collaborated on the script of Where the Money Is. The script has a few loopholes that aren't that major and the development in the film is pretty presentable. Mostly everything in the script is fine, except I just could not get into the plot line or story of the film.

Paul Newman is the absolute best thing in this film. At 75 years old, Newman still hasn't lost a step of being "Mr. Cool" with his performance as Henry in Where the Money Is. Linda Fiorentino turns in a decent performance as the caring nurse Carol. However, I believe her performance as Carol is the weakest of her career. Fiorentino is an underrated actress, who is always effective with her acting and I believe she will not have a problem of bouncing back. Dermot Mulroney gives a boring and winded performance as Carol's ego driven husband Wayne. Mulroney is an actor that I have seen deliver some good work and some bad work. His best role was his first, as Dirtface in Young Guns. I also thought that Mulroney was pretty good in Copycat. Lately, I haven't seen much of anything in his acting. I hope that he rebounds because he does have some skills, he just needs to get a juicy character to work with.

I sense that most of the audiences that see Where the Money Is will like it, I just could not get into it. Paul Newman will attract an audience and it is almost worth seeing this film just to see Newman perform.

Report Card Grade: C-

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