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When Brendan Met Trudy (2000)  

When Brendan Met Trudy (2000)
Country: Ireland
Director: Kieron J. Walsh

Peter McDonald .... Brendan
Flora Montgomery .... Trudy
Marie Mullen .... Mother
Pauline McLynn .... Nuala
Don Wycherley .... Niall
Maynard Eziashi .... Edgar
Eileen Walsh .... Siobhan
Barry Cassin .... Headmaster
Rynagh O'Grady .... Lynn
Ali White .... Mary

Brendan is a dag. A nice guy, but still a dag. A schoolteacher totally apathetic about his job (and life in general), he's only alive watching classic movies or singing hymns. Trudy is a wild sexy chick, who for some reason, picks up Brendan in a bar and like most romantic comedies, turns his life upside down and shakes it left to right.

Romantic movies aren't usually too varied in their plot lines, and romantic comedies are always watchable no matter how many times we have heard the plot before. Roddy Doyle, for his first original screenplay, creates a delightfully subversive movie that doesn't exactly ground itself in reality, but it shows how much fun its having by cheekily poking fun at itself and the genre itself. The movie is littered with references to classic movies, where memorable scenes are recreated (in one way or another). It's a clever idea, however none of the movies are any I recognise, so I guess the humour's not as effective as it could be. The romance here isn't just about Brendan's and Trudy's, but also about film in general. Check out the fake film posters in the background…

Its undeniable that the lead actors, Peter McDonald and Flora Montgomery, bring a lot of energy and zest to their roles, infusing a lot of qualities into their characters. Although we may not completely understand the reason why Trudy decided on Brendan, there is no denying the effect she has, allowing Brendan's long-dormant sense of fun and adventure to emerge under the catatonia he has been in for so long. In a sense, Brendan's got the most character development in this film, endearing himself with his lost, slightly pathetic look, awkward fish-out-of-water act and his total lack of coolness. He does things he's never done before, enjoying life, and though Trudy's past is a little shady, her feistiness and frankness is a complementary contrast to Brendan's anal-retentive environment. The two main actors are supported by a legion of strange quirky characters, from the surprisingly spry geriatric principle to Brendan's ditzy mother. There aren't many surprises here, though there are some twists to the happily-ever-after formula to have you laughing out loud in surprise.

Eden Law

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