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We're No Angels  

1981 100 mins

dir - Neil Jordan

stars - Robert De Niro, Sean Penn, Demi Moore

De Niro and Penn play two convicts that escape from prison whilst helping a fellow inmate on his escape, they get split up and De Niro and Penn go on the run together. They end up in a small town on the American/Canadian boarder with the area full of police and are mistaken for two priests, Fathers Brown and Reilly and pose as them in the town from where they repeatedly try to cross the towns bridge into Canada.

The other escapee returns and almost spoils their attempt to get away in the religious parade. In the end he gets killed, sean Penn stays with the church and De Niro goes to Canada with Demi Moore and her little girl.

The film isn't really all that funny it's more lighthearted than anything it doesn't drag but then again it's nothing special.


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