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Urban Legends 2  

Did you hear about a group of film students trying to make a film? The only problem is they cannot act at all. If you did you know the title Urban Legends 2: Final Cut it centers on a group of film students, Amy (Jennifer Morrison), Travis (Matthew Davis) and Graham (Joseph Lawrence) who are trying to win a prestigious Hitchcock award for best thesis film. But before they can finish their film someone is killing off the crew one by one. Which they should have killed the script. Who is the killer only time will tell.

Urban Legends Final Cut
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I love horror movie but god UR2 was one the worst horror movie of the year and one of the worst film of the year. Let me tell you why. The story was so lame and had nothing to do with the first one. There was only one killing base on a Urban Legends. The Acting was so inexperience they could not act if there life depends on it. Granted they were playing film students but god I know film students that could act better than them. There was a cameo from the first one that did not make any sense why he or she was in there. They had Hitchcock music playing during the ending credits. If he could she that he would turn in his grave.

There are only two things I like about Urban Legends 2 The girls are very cute. In one scene they are showing the faces of the cast in the mask to make you think who could be the killer.

Urban Legends 2 was a very big disappointment. I was hoping it would be better. But it copy stuff from other horror films like Jason, Urban Legends and just about every horror movies out there. It will be watch by many teens but god kids there is other movie better for your money than this. It was so bad but it is not as bad as The Blair Witch Project but it is very close. Save your 8 Dollars and see something better you will glad you did.

© Paul Perkins

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