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Unfaithful-20th Century Fox-1.5 Stars

Diane Lane is Connie Sumner, a suburban wife and mother who decides to have an affair with Paul Martel (Oliver Martinez), who is French, a used book dealer and much younger then her.

It all starts so innocently when during a very windy day in New York City she bumps into Paul and falls down cutting her knee. They both immediately want to jump each other but initially don’t admit it to one another. He invites her upstairs so she can get a band aid from his medicine cabinet. Before she leaves his place, Paul gives her a book to read and tells her she can come back anytime to borrow more books.

At the beginning she tries very hard to avoid her impulses driven by her sexual attraction to him. Soon she loses control and they start having a very torrid love affair that includes not just bedroom acrobatics. It also includes having hurried sex in a public bathroom and in a movie theatre.

Not long into her adultery, Connie’s husband Edward (Richard Gere) starts to suspect that something is wrong with their relationship. One indication is that she keeps lying to him about her whereabouts. Connie also buys sexy clothes for herself without telling or showing her husband. Edward hires a detective to follow his wife and when he finds she is having great sex with another man things start to get bad.

You would think with all that going on some sparks will fly all over the place. But even with Adrian Lyne, the director of Fatal Attraction and 9.5 Weeks at the helm of Unfaithful, there is very little stimulation and lots of awful acting supporting a terrible script that feels like a cheap cable movie.

Now don’t get me wrong, Diane Lane is a very sexy woman and not a bad actress normally however she is got nothing to work with here and very little chemistry if any with Richard Gere. With very little to do, Gere is no better playing his part very low key and boring the audience with his lackluster performance.

If you are looking for a movie that’s at best is just a tease directed like a badly executed lap dance then Unfaithful is for you.

Gil Benzeevi

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