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2000 106 mins

dir - M. Night Shyamalan

stars - Bruce Willis - David Dunn Samuel L. Jackson - Elijah Price Robin Wright - Audrey Dunn Spencer Treat Clark - Joseph Dunn

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I had the feeling after seeing the trailers that it was going to be pretty much the same as Sixth Sense, and although the two films do have their similarities both stories are completely different but equally as good and, both have a nice surprise at the end. Bruce Willis plays a guy called David Dunn who is involved in a train accident and is the only survivor. He doesn't seem to think that this is anything odd but he begins to learn that he is quite a special guy after he meets Elijah Price who makes him realise the special gift he has. This special gift is that he can't get injured. This is the complete opposite of Price who suffers from brittle bones and has had 54 breaks in his life. M. Night Shyamalan, as he did with Sixth Sense wrote and directed the movie and in this one he uses the comic book formula of heroes and villans who each posess special powers and he uses this theme in a modern day, real life context.

I can't really say much more about it without giving away the ending. Most of the film is about Willis coming to terms with his condition (he can see things as well but I don't know whether he is looking into the future or past or present or whatever. It's some kind of telepathy that he is supposed to have anyway.) He also uses his powers but just the once to save two kids from a bloke that broke into their house and killed their parents.

If it had been as long as Sixth Sense was it would have gotten very tedious because there wasn't as much to get out of the story but thankfully it was relatively short and thus was watchable.


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