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True Romance  

116 mins
dir - Tony Scott
stars - Christian Slater - Clarence Worley
Patricia Arquette - Alabama Whitman
Dennis Hopper - Clifford Worley
Val Kilmer - Mentor (Elvis)
Gary Oldman - Drexl Spivey
Brad Pitt - Floyd
Christopher Walken - Vincenzo Coccotti
Bronson Pinchot - Elliot Blitzer
Samuel L. Jackson - Big Don
James Gandolfini - Virgil
Chris Penn - Nicky Dimes
Tom Sizemore - Cody Nicholson

Written by Quentin Tarantino, True Romamce is about a guy (Slater) and a girl (Arquette) who fall for each other, get married, and then steal $500,000 worth of cocaine from a Sicilian Don (Walken) that you really don't want to be stealing $500,000 worth of cocaine from. They go to LA to try and sell the coke to a small time movie producer, but the cops end up on their case as well as the mobsters which culminates in a compromising situation for all parties at the end when the deal is going down.
I thought it was a really cool movie. Tarantino wrote it and you can tell, it's a good story, funny in places and great characters, and look at the cast that they managed to put together, pretty god damn sweet if you ask me. There are lots of good performances, in particular from Gary Oldman who plays a pimp, and there is a great scene between Walken and Hopper in the middle of the film.
Drugs, guns, gangsters Tarantino, great actors, great dialogue, a love story/ comedy/action/thriller all rolled into one. How could this movie fail to keep you entertained for the whole two hours.
Answer: It can't.


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