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Directed By: Gregory Poirier Cast: Jerry O'Connell, Jake Busey, Shannon Elizabeth, Jaime Pressly Rated: R Written By: Gregory Poirier Running Time: 100 Mins

Well it about to be spring break time. When you go to the beach and party and check out the women on the beach (I wish I was there) so the movie studio want to get the kid to the movie because it that time of the year and the first spring break film It is called Tomcats and in center on. A starving artist/cartoonist, Michael Delaney (Jerry O'Connell), who is in deep debt after a Las Vegas gambling blow-out, makes a bet that he can get his friend Kyle Bremmer (Jake Busey) to get married within 30 days. If he wins the bet, all of his financial problems will be solved. But when Michael finds himself falling for the girl he'd chosen to be Kyle's bride, matters get complicated.

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Tomcats was a very funny film but been done many times before. Here are some good and bad points about the film. Good The story was very funny. They made fun of couple of big blockbusters movies. The cast was good everyone was very believable and funny. The girls was very hot esp. Shannon Elizabeth. The ending credits were very funny so make sure you don’t leave before the ending credits. The types of charters was funny and esp. The dominatrix was very funny.

Bad The one screen was a body part was funny but then it got carried away. The film Is guy film and there are a lot of hot chicks. It a rated R films with no Nudity another one of those T&A film with no T&A.

Overall Tomcats was a very funny film it did have it moments the one screen was getting to stupid. But hey this is a Spring Break film guy are going to see this not for the story just for the girls. I did like the story and the girls even so of the couple of thing I said earlier. But it worth the price of a movie ticket goes see it and laugh your shocks off.

© Paul Perkins

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