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Three To Tango  

Does Matthew Perry know how to do anything else on screen other than be Chandler from Friends? Yet again his role is nigh on exactly what he does in Friends.

This movie starts out with people thinking his character is gay when he really isn't and only using that as a device to get close to women.


He then proceed's to fall madly in love with Neve Campbell's character, but heres the twist she is the mistress of a very wealthy prospective client for his architecture business.

This is an ok idea for a romantic comedy, but along with Perry sticking to his Chandler schtick, its the story that lets everything else fall to pieces. So much of this movie just doesn't gel together. They never get into their characters at all and there are very few reasons for both characters to fall madly in love with each other.

The director does try to paper over the cracks but because the script is so weak he has very little to work with.

Tall Guy

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