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The Thomas Crown Affair  

Thomas Crown (Pierce Brosnan)
Catherine Banning (Rene Russo)
Michael McCann (Denis Leary)
Psychiatrist (Faye Dunaway)
Andrew Wallace (Ben Gazzara)
Directed by John McTiernan Written by Leslie Dixon and Kurt Wimmer based on the story by Alan R. Trustman
Rated R for sexuality, nudity, and language
Running Time 117 minutes Distributed by 20th Century Fox


The Thomas Crown Affair is a stylish and respectable film. Thomas Crown (Brosnan) is a rich art thief that finally meets a woman he can relate to, Catherine (Russo). The only problem is that Catherine is an insurance agent after Crown for stealing a 100 million-dollar painting. Crown and Catherine clash and play games of cat and mouse about the painting. As Crown takes her glider flying and to the beautiful Caribbean, Catherine begins to really know Thomas Crown. Crown also gets know her and both begin falling for each other. The film paces into a noir filled with betrayal, romance, and trust.

The Thomas Crown Affair is one of those movies that you enjoy, but there is nothing really special about it. The film is cool and smooth, but also very predictable at times.

The Thomas Crown Affair is a remake of the 1968 Norman Jewison version, which I have not seen. The first version starred Steve McQueen as Thomas Crown and Faye Dunaway as Catherine Banning. Dunaway is also in the 99 version, she plays Crown's psychiatrist. The scenes with Brosnan and Dunaway are well done and also pivotal to the film. The developments of Crown's feelings for women and for Catherine are revealed in these scenes.

The acting in The Thomas Crown Affair is exceptional. Brosnan and Russo are both outstanding. Brosnan once again plays a true well-mannered gentleman that is a thief. Russo takes a character turn in her role as the greedy and sexual insurance agent after Crown. I really like these two actors' roles in The Thomas Crown Affair. Rene Russo is one of the finest actresses in Hollywood, and almost everything that she does is good. Thomas Crown is the type of character that is written for an actor like Pierce Brosnan. The stylish quirks that Brosnan develops in his Bond films and The Thomas Crown Affair is what makes him an effective actor. In addition to, Denis Leary (Michael McCann) gives a straight pivotal performance as a cop that is also after Crown.

I do recommend The Thomas Crown Affair. Everything is pretty good in the film, the story, the direction, the acting, there is nothing missing. However this film has is set audience, which is adults. I don't believe that teenagers would like this film that much, except maybe the sex scenes.

Report Card Grade: B-

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