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Thin Red Line  

"you keep waiting for Richard Attenborough to appear and start telling you about the wildlife" Craig Simms

This film just does not work for me. The long sequences of elegant cinematography and philosophical monologue occupy most of the two and a quarter hour running time, leaving very little space for the storyline itself. They are just too long.

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The concepts that Malick develops are not complex, and by endlessly repeating these themes, with only minor variation, he has produced boring cinema.

Edit it down to 90 minutes, and it could be worthwhile. Stay alert, or you will be asleep before the end. I suppose that it is some achievement to make a war film which can induce drowsiness.

Go for Saving Private Ryan instead!

Stuart Armstrong

A Short but sweet review by Stuart, that gets right to the point of whats exactly wrong with Thin Red Line, something the Movie itself didnt manage.

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