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The Sweetest Thing  
Cameron Diaz, Thomas Jane, Christina Applegate, Jason Bateman, Selma Blair, Parker Posey.
Written by Nancy Pimental
Directed by Roger Kumble

Released by Columbia Pictures
Trailer: Quicktime (Various)

Christina Walters (Cameron Diaz) doesn’t have a problem dating just with commitment until she runs accidentally into Peter (Thomas Jane), her Mr. Right, at a night club in the romantic comedy The Sweetest Thing.

Afraid of getting hurt in a relationship, Christina goes out with a lot of men but breaks up with them right when things get serious.

She has two sidekicks, her best friend Courtney (Christina Applegate) who is the smart one and Jane (Selma Blair), the comic relief of the trio who always gets caught in compromising positions with her man.

One night Christina and Courtney take Jane out to the disco to help her get over a recent breakup. That’s where Christina runs into Peter who she immediately tries to set up with Jane. That doesn’t work and instead she falls in love with Peter but doesn’t take advantage of the opportunity to ask him out.

Later at home she regrets missing her chance with Peter and her and Courtney decide to find him. All they know is that Peter told Christina where his brother is getting married.

They decide to drive to the wedding and after several silly mishaps get there only to find out that it’s Peter who is getting married not his brother. If you have seen any of these type of movies before you know that this cannot be the end of the story.

As you might expect, this movie tries to imitate the overdone male buddy gross out humor films where it’s all about getting laid but this time from the female perspective. The Sweetest Thing attempts to prove that girls can be just as disgusting as men and play the field until the perfect mate comes along.

Unfortunately, this film suffers from the same disease as most of the similar guy flicks that it tries to copy. They are just not that funny or interesting.

Most of the slapstick and comic dialogue misfires. Here and there you have some minor humorous bits but overall it misses the mark badly.

The Sweetest Thing may be best suited for silly slumber parties where people just giggle at everything that comes into view and even then you might have to spike the latte.

2 1/2 out of 5


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