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Super Troopers  
Directed by: Jay Chandrasekhar
Written by: Broken Lizard (Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan; Steve Lemme; PaulSoter; and Erik Stolhanske)
Cinematography by: Joachin Baca-Asay
Starring: Broken Lizard, Brian Cox, Lynda Carter, Daniel von Bargen and Marisa Coughlan
Rated: R for language and nudity

Running Time: 100 minutes
Super Troopers (Double Sided)
Super Troopers (Double Sided)
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The film has the State Troopers rivals with the local cops. When the
governor, played in a cameo appearance by Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), cuts the budget, the troopers find themselves potentially facing unemployment. The "super troopers" of the title are a squad of state troopers working the Vermont-Canada border who take great pleasure in Òmessing with the minds Ó of the local police, the people whom they pull over, and each other. But when the state threatens to pull funding, the gang is pressured by their captain (Brian Cox) to clean up their act. Whether or not they do, of course, is an entirely different story.

The plot, which gets in the way of the comedy, involves some folks who are
smuggling drugs through town which causes a girl to end up dead. The local
police, who are the mortal enemies of the Troopers in this film, impede the
investigation through general ill-will and the occasional fist-fight.

The Troopers must - so goes the plot line - make the big bust, because their
station is at risk of being shut down because of the governor's budget cuts.A
sub-plot involves one of the trooper's attempts to woo a member of the enemy camp, pretty deputy (Marisa Coughlan).

First off, this movie isn't for everyone, but there doesn't seem to be a middle ground here. You either like the film or you don't. I liked it.

The humor is sophomoric (masturbation, crotch shots, blow-up dolls,etc.), the plot line is thin, and over all it is an absurd piece of fluff but like the three stooges, you like it or you don't. If you liked (or remember)Kentucky Fried Movie and still find that movie funny - this is your type of comedy. "Super Troopers" is a fun- loving, anything goes, sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll comedy.

Like Kentucky Fried Movie, this film has a series of comedic skits. But the
skits are not consistent, a number succeed but some fail. The premise -
agroup of bored state troopers near the Canadian border pull off crazy stunts
in order to amuse themselves - is ripe with possibilities. It takes a certain
breed and a certain state of mind to enjoy a film like "Super Troopers." Much
like the job of a Vermont state trooper, I would imagine, watching this
hit-and-miss film isnot nearly as much fun as it should have been.

In most movies like this, the plot is what gets in the way of the jokes, and this film is no different. What I find funny here is that I can just imagine a bored group of cops wanting to perpetrate these sorts of stunts to relieve the tedium of the day.

The talents behind this movie is a NYC comedy troop called Broken Lizard.
This is certainly not Great Cinema. But not every movie has to be deep or all
that meaningful. I recommend (barely) this one for all of us who still
enjoyophomoric humor.

2 1/2 out of 5

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