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The Story Of Us  

bleeeuchhhh, reeeeeeeettccchhhh, uuuuuuurghhhhh, aaaargghhhhhhh

Sorry , don't mind me just having a wee puke at the awfulness of this Movie. How on earth did two A list stars as Michelle Pfeiffer and Bruce Willis get involved in a Movie like this?

Personally I have nothing against relationship Movies. Frankie & Johny is a personal favourite of mine and shows how well a relationship Movie can be done. But this, this is pure schmaltz.

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Bruce & Michelle's characters have been married for fifteen years but things are starting to fall apart so they decide to have a trial separation. Such a nineties yuppie thing that just annoyes me , you either love someone or you don't. What on earth can be achieved by that kind of thing. Did anybody ever get back together after such a thing, is it not just an easy way of breaking up ?

Well anyway they try it, but oh no under the surface they still really love each other and the story is told in flashback format showing both the good bits and the bad bits of their relationship.

Naturally there are loads of tears along the way, and Bruce Willis so overacts its unbelievable, extremely cheesy and sick inducing.

Rob Reiner who could also have been described as one of my favourite directors up till this point (This is Spinal Tap being a personal fave) also loses ground with this Movie. He seems to be unable to decide how to play the Movie and it lurches from Comedy to Drama without seeming to know which way to be played and no overall sense of what tone to have.

Sorry but this is just sheer Oscar Movie hopeful indulgence and I am completely delighted that the Oscars overlooked this Movie.

Tall Guy

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