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Starship Troopers  
Zero Plot. Zero Charisma. Plenty of Gore. Give it a miss.

I was, to be truthful, extremely disappointed at this film. Despite the hype and the fact that EVERYONE else seems to think that this film is great. The plot is totally non-existent. The idea that there are some whizzo eight legged things out to take over the world is in itself bizarre.

To take this a step further and have TV advertisements to recruit bug-killers is, frankly beyond beleif. The pathetic plot, however, is not what killed this for me. Its the wooden acting; the forced emotions; the really poor overall atmosphere of the film: A viewer should be believing that what he is watching is real - thats what cinema is about.


Several times during this movie I was reminded - maybe by the terrible acting or maybe it was the wafer-thin plot - nevertheless I WAS reminded, that these were actors, and that should NEVER happen. For pure shoot-em up and blood and guts, this film is good, and there are some good 'space' effects. But blood and gore alone don't make for a good movie.

Save your money and buy a Sci-Fi movie worthy of the price such as The Matrix or Contact.

Starship Troopers: Give it a miss.

Bob Mellor


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