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Snow Day  

Yet another Adolescent Movie

Now after Quentin Tarantino has completely revitalised your career, what do you do? Well one thing you shouldn't do is star in this movie. No let me rephrase that, take a bit part in this Movie.

Why did Pam Grier take a part in this Movie? After taking the starring role in a film by the coolest director in Hollywood would you do that? Hasn't nearly everybody who has starred in a Tarantino Movie went on to further their career with interesting and money making Movies. take for example John Travolta , an actor in need much as Pam Grier was, and boy did he seize his opportunity. Bit of a shame that Pam Grier hasn't capitalised so far and this film doesn't help her any.

Snow Day
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Right, back on track after a small diversion there. OK whats this Movie about then.

Well have you seen any Movies about teenagers recently? A dozen so far, so you will be pleased to know that this is another one. Excited , no not me. But you guessed that didnt you.

Well heres the plot in so far as it goes and as much as you need to know really. Freak weather conditions snow in a gang of kids at their school, and guess what one of the guys sees this as a perfect opportunity to woo the coolest girl in school.Oh and she just happens to be way above his own social circle.

Take away the snow and haven't you seen this a million times already?

Heres another cliche. The kids spend a huge deal of time trying to stop a character nicknamed "snowplough man" who just happens to be trying to clear a path for them.

The comedy in this movie isn't that funny either, one of the funniest things in it too is Chevy Chase, and that isn't much of a recommendation is it?

Avoid this Movie

Tall Guy

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