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Snake Eyes  

1998 98 mins

dir Brian De Palma

stars - Nicholas Cage - Ricky Santoro
Gary Sinise - Commander Kevin Dunne


The secretary of state or something like that gets assasinated at a boxing match which means that there are 14,000 witneses and everyone is a suspect. The Cage is again impressive as the loud mouth cop determined to solve the crime. (I think that's four times in a row that I have said that The Cage has been impresive. I think I will have to write a formal apology and retraction of any earlier derogatory comments) The directing is also absolutely brilliant by Brian De Palma. It all starts in the second or third scene with a massive shot that lasts about ten minutes and this is when the assasination takes place and must have took ages to get right but it is well worth it and there were many other moments in the film where I thought "that's absolutely smart" what he's done so look out for them.

The problem with the film is that there was no big climax at the end where everything is revealed as is the norm in these sort of films and where it finally clicks what has gone down. The sinister twist was revealed far too early for my liking and this is what stopped it from getting what could have been an eight or 8.5 out of ten.


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