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Small Time Obsession  

A fine obsession, A thoroughly enjoyable film with a good, strong, storyline that keeps you wanting to know what happens next. The acting was excellent and I found the idea of having the parents always speaking in Polish very interesting. At times, the film betrayed it's low budget and seemed a little over-ambitious, especially during the action sequences, but I did not find this to be particularly distracting as I was always involved in what was going on.

Overall, I thought this was a very honest and personal portrayal of the conflicts common to most groups of friends of a particular age. The extras are also worth a mention as the documentary is not a standard "making of" but, in the absence of an audio commentary, tries to explain the reasoning behind how and why the film was made and how and why it came to receive a cinema release when 80% of low budget UK films by first-time directors fail to do so.

There are also additional notes on the production itself, the locations used and the UK's Polish community, which I must say I was not really aware of in any specific detail until I came across this film. As a package, I found this DVD to be stylish, informative and, above all, entertaining.

I would strongly recommend it if, like me, you enjoy a welcome change from our now near constant diet of Hollywood films.

Paul Muloney

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