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The Skulls  

The title makes this movie sound like it will be a horror concept movie doesn't it? Well you'd be right and you'd be wrong....

The Skulls tells the story of a masonic like secret society at a US College. Now when I heard this was about a secret society I admit I expected an expose type story with all manner of political intrigue.

But, hey its the teen market this movie has been pitched at and it is teens that are in it, so the makers have bottled it and made it to the lowest common denominator in thinking that the teen audience won't be interested in an intelligent intriguing movie.

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Instead what we are served up is a ho-hum seen it all before a zillion times murder mystery.

And the manner that we are served up this murder mystery is so jam packed with cliches that they haven't left themselves any room for anything original. Our hero in the movie is Joshua Jackson who starred in Dawson's Creek. The role he is handed is that of a down at heels orphan who has to take crappy jobs to pay his way through college, yaaawwwwn, feeling sleepy already?

Going back to this supposedly secret society , in the movie everybody knows where the headquarters is at! Eh? I thought secret societies headquarters were supposed to be secret as well, not this big huge gothic mansion that could probably be identified from space. New members to the society get branded on the wrist that just screams "look at me I'm a member of a secret society called the skulls". Would it not have been better to brand them on their body someplace less obvious?

As I mentioned already, original ideas are thin on the ground. Take this for instance, within the space of ten minutes they repeat themselves and reuse a terribly cliched technigue TWICE! and guess the technique? Yup our hero is saved by some unseen offscreen helper, boring.

So to sum this movie up, lazy nad dull. I just hope the movie itself remains a secret and very few people find out about it to go see it.

Oh yeah nearly forgot the horror reference at the start, yes, it must be horrific to watch this!

Tall Guy

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