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Movie Reviews

The Sixth Day  

Adam Gibson                                      (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Druckier                                              (Tony Goldwyn)
Dr. Weir                                              (Robert Duvall)
Hank                                                   (Michael Rappaport)
Marshall                                              (Michael Rooker)

 Directed by Roger Spottiswoode

 Written by Cormac and Marianne Wibberley

 Rated PG-13 for strong action violence, language and some sensuality

 Running Time: 124 minutes                    Distributed by Columbia Pictures

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             The 6th Day is an okay science fiction film that could have been a lot better.  The film takes place in the near future and is centered around the 6th day law, which refers to the Bible passage, “God created man on the sixth day.”  The law implies that God creates humans and it is unlawful to clone a human.  The main character of the film is Adam Gibson (Schwarzenegger), who is helicopter pilot and doesn’t believe in cloning at all.  While coming home one night to his own birthday party, Adam discovers that his family and life have been taken over by a clone of himself.  As Adam finds clue after clue, his life becomes more and more in jeopardy.  However, he chooses to find out who cloned him, why and then he plans to take his life back.

            The 6th Day has a current and futuristic idea of cloning as the centerpiece of its story.  Unfortunately, the story opens strongly but lingers at the end of the film. 

            Screenwriters Cormac and Marianne Wibberley had an established futuristic thriller on their hands when they wrote The 6th Day.  On the downside, the story didn’t end considerably with a bang like it started out as.  The end sequence just sort of gets out of hand and leaves you wondering how the film could end like it does.  Of course the script is full of typical Schwarzenegger lines, which adds an unintended comedy to the film. 

            Director Roger Spottiswoode’s direction for the most part is suitable for a science fiction or action film.  The only real choices of Spottiswoode’s direction that I didn’t like were his use of computer generated effects and props.  Examples of the computer effects are the fake and toy looking helicopters that Adam flies throughout the film.  As for the props, there is only one and it is the satanic looking doll that Adam buys for his daughter.  The doll looks like a possessed demon from the X-Files or something.  The doll gains all of the attention in a few scenes because it is so ugly.  However, even the overall aspect of the doll itself is not too important to the storyline.           

Arnold Schwarzenegger delivers a typical action-a-minute one liner role from his own genre.  Even though I seem to be the only person that thought he was actually acting in End of Days, I see Schwarzenegger’s roles becoming better.  On the other hand, he is selecting better roles since his days as the terminator.  Robert Duvall steals every scene he is in as the knowledgeable scientist behind the some of the cloning.  His partner, the man who believes he is God because he can clone someone is Druckier, who is played very slithery by Tony Goldwyn. 

            The 6th Day is a film that I believe teenagers will love if they catch all the twists in it.  The story has some very good ideas, but the movie ends disappointingly lame. 

Report Card Grade: C 

Beastman’s Movie Reviews 

Copyright, 2000 Joseph C. Tucker

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