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A story of sex, money and betrayal

Vinnie and Carter haven't been friends for twenty years after pulling a huge racing horse scam which made them each a small fortune.

Vinnie, a tatty unrespectable man who seems to have already spent his money fells more than guilt after the racehorse scam.

Carter is a successfull horse breeder with his biggest opportunity to become a multi-millionaire, a horse called Simpatico.


Rosie is the love of both of the mens lives and twenty years later, Vinnie, who was deserted by his two friends wants the love of his life back.

After one phonecall, the men have swapped places and the powerful Carter is suddenly not so powerful anymore and a secret is resurrected, one which will destroy Carter.

The drunkard Rosie is played by Sharon Stone, Nick Nolte is Vinnie and Jeff Bridges is Carter in this award winning packed cast of Simpatico.

Amy Medley

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