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Set It Off  

Have you ever been so frustrated.........

That you just wanted TO SET OFF, BURN IT UP, WATCH IT GO UP IN SMOKE? Then this film is for you starring a quartet of hommies it brings the viewer into full view of being black poor and female. A tale of celebration and anguish there is no part of this film any person who falls outside of the gilded world of the male, the white and the middle class can't relate to.

As the synopsis stated violence sometimes wins over from character development but there is something liberated about seeing women face a system designed to crush their hopes and dreams whilst illuminating their anxieties fight back. The Underwood-Pinket sub plot provides all those who sit outside the black upwardly mobile community with an insight to the chasm that splits the 'Harvard Man' (or woman) from his or her community but when the crunch comes Pinket moves to protect Underwood because she knows that a black person in a professional position is still a nigger to those who work with him.

If you want to see the craft of acting brought to the screen then pay close attention to the performance given to Queen Latifah. This is an amazing film one which all people going through their rage against the machine should see. So next time you want to




simply watch the film

Mutale Nkonde

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