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John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale, Jeremy Piven, Eugene Levy, Molly Shannon.
Written by Mark Klein
Directed by Peter Chelsom

Running Time: 90 minutes

Trailer: Teaser | Quicktime (Various)

Review: If you don't know what it means when you go in, you know what it means when you come out. Serendipity, it means a lucky accident, a fortunate misfortune, a "more by luck than judgement" thing.

The film is very good, John Cusack, the hapless guy who falls for a complete stranger, Kate Bekinsale, the complete believer in fate, sorry, Serendipity (the name of the cafe they have their first coffee in). Serendipity is a love story that is romantic, but not sickenly so, about a couple who meet over a pair of cashmere gloves that they both want ( and fight for!!). The two main characters are both in relationships, they're both spoken for, yet neither of them can let go of their feelings for each other over a couple of hours spent together on a cold December evening. Without giving away an obvious ending all goes well in the end, but only after a bit of heartache.

Serendipity is a well directed film, and Jeremy Piven is great as John Cusacks best friend.

I'd reccomend it


3 out of 5.

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