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See Spot Run  

Directed By: John Whitesell Cast: David Arquette, Michael Clarke Duncan, Angus T. Jones Rated: PG Written By: Dan Baron, Chris Faber, George Gallo Running Time: 100 Mins

Everyday some one is going into witness protection. This movie centers on one person or should I say dog. See Spot Run is a film about a FBI agent #11 which he has the best nose at finding hidden drugs. You may be asking what is he Agent 11 is a dog. Him and his partner Murdoch (Michael Clark Duncan) have the biggest assignment.

See Spot Run
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To Capture Sonny Talia (Paul Sorvino) just when they thought they had him he escape. So Sonny put a hit on Agent 11. So to keep low Agent 11 joins the witness protection services. But on the way to the program he escapes and finds an unlikely refuse with a young Mailman Gordon Smith (David Arquette) and the boy he is babysitting James (Angus t. Jones) in the heart of suburbia. Both of their lives is about to be changed- Big time.

I have seen a lot of film over my 27 years of watching films. I have seen some funny dog movies like Beethoven, Turner and Hooch, and K-9. See Spot Run can be added to the list. This was a funny movie let me tell you about the good and the bad points about the film. Good The Story was funny. It was different that I thought it would be. It is a film that everyone will love. The cast was good, The film did not drag at all. The mob boss and henchman had some funny parents The ending was good. I like the idea of the film.

Bad Cara Silverman Couple of screens was not good for kids to see it. They had adult themes in it. The scene involving the mob boss and two parts of his body getting damaged. It had another Do-Do jokes, which a lot of films have had this past year. Enough with the jokes they are funny the first time but now they are getting old.

Overall See Spot Run was a funny film it a film for the whole family. Go see it and enjoy your self at the movies

© Paul Perkins

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