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Scream 3  

Ah well the trilogy has ended then. Wonder if they'll wait 20 years and make a prequel trilogy as well ? Hope not.

Scream's 1 & 2 were really good knowing intelligent scary Movies for a sophisticated modern audience. Importantly Kevin Williamson turned in two scripts that were both funny and full of clever dialogue and actually had something to say about the entire genre.

But Kevin Williamson has not returned for Scream 3. And boy does the difference show. Wes Craven holds his end of the proceedings correctly conveying the horror and the comedy perfectly. Its the script that badly lets him down though.

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The writer has obviously worked from a template set up by Williamson, but thats all it stays at a template, he never really gets under the skin of what this movie should be. Its almost like the plot has to get from here to here and he uses the script in a workmanlike way to do that.

Also Scream 2 was absolutey chock full of references to Scream 1, but why then do they almost completely ignore everything that happened in Scream 2 ? This Movie could so easily have been a straight follow up to Scream 1. I thought the whole point of making it as a trilogy was to link in all three movies ?

Plus arent we all a bit jaundiced with the clever knwoing scary movie now? Is it not like the stage we were at with the traditional horror movie ?

What can anyone do with the horror genre anymore. Will someone have to come along and reinvent it all again?

We shall have to wait and see.

Tall Guy

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