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Scary Movie 2  

Directed by: Keenen Ivory Wayans

The wacky Wayans brothers are back with the sequel to their very popular "Scary Movie", and although it doesn't quite measure up to the first one, "Scary Movie 2" is packed with even more jokes, but not quite as strong a punch.

A gruseome murder was committed at Hell House years and years ago, and it is now rumored that the house is haunted. Determined to resurrect the ghosts and unleash the evil forces that may be, a conniving professor (Tim Curry) tricks a few college students into spending an entire weekend at Hell House. Realizing that their little sleep over is more than just your average extracurricular activity, the kids fend for their lives while at the same time making us laugh with spoofs of such films as "What Lies Beneath", "Charlie's Angels", "Titanic" and what not.

I have to admit that I was very hesitant to see this movie, and if it wasn't for a guilt trip that my friend placed on me (coz I always get to pick the movies), I wouldn't have gone to see this. I liked that first "Scary Movie", but from the previews, the second one does not look very promising. However, to my surprise, "Scary Movie 2" is not THAT bad.

Of course, the original film is still much better, for the sequel seems a bit too disjointed. It has a less involving plot, almost non-existent really, with a bunch of stringed along jokes. The prequel made fun of all those teenager slasher movies, and it was quite amusing to watch. In the sequel, the witty satire is gone, and we just end up with leftover spoofs, projectile vomits and a talking parrot who loves to say the F-word.

Many have criticized the film for being overly disgusting. Every possible bodily function is showcased in one way or another. If you don't like this sense of humor, you will hate this movie (like some stuffy old film critics). But if you do, or have a higher tolerance for disgusting humor, then "Scary Movie 2" is a very funny film. I found myself laughing along despite the crudeness and absurdity.

The cast was reliably funny and competent, with the likes of the Wayans brothers, Anna Faris (also in the original film), and others. Chris Elliott, an underutilized comedian in my opinion, is hilarious here playing Hell House's caretaker with a slight deformity. You wouldn't want to dedicate "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" to this guy. There are lots of jokes and references about him and I was laughing at every one of them.

Overall, "Scary Movie 2" is an almost alright movie. If it just had a better plot, I would have given it 3 stars and recommend it. However, it falls a bit short, and I would say wait for it until it comes out on video. That is unless you don't care about quality and just want to laugh.

Is "Scary Movie 2" an example of great filmmaking? Not even close. But is it funny? Heck, yeah.

Film is Rated R for strong sexual and gross humor, graphic language, and some drug content. Running time is 90 minutes.


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