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Scary Movie  

The worst film I have seen this year. I don't ever expect a spoof to be particularly engaging; you go along to that sort of film with a relaxed attitude towards having a barrage of cheap visual gags blasted at you along with a load of pisstake references to other films.

Airplane!, Naked Gun, Hot Shots - they all work because the gags are absolutely CONSTANT. Even if one or two slip-by or plain aren't funny, there's another one along in a moment. Scary Move tried to do the same. But the gags weren't flying quite so hard and fast, and I reckon that a good 40% simply weren't funny.

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The result of which is that there would be a really painful attempt at getting a laugh - which no one did - and then you have to wait another couple of sulky minutes before anything remotely amusing occurs again.

There were some brilliant moments - (here be spoilers, turn away now folks), the jock beating the living crap out of the heroine outside the school, Doofy offering his fingers for everyone to smell, the murderer hiding behind the sofa, the 'wassssssup' scene, and so-on..

But there were just as many dreadful bits: the protracted scene with the girl getting killed in the cinema, the principal leaping off the roof of the school, the 'riverdance' gag during the Matrix bit - the list goes on.

Hey - it's a subjective thing. I thought it sucked. I've spoken to people who thought it was the most culturally exciting thing they've seen in their lives (poor, undernourished creatures that they are). But there ya go.

Si Spurious

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