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USA 1983 Directed by Brian De Palma. Starring: Al Pacino, Steven Bauer, Michelle Pfeiffer, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Robert Loggia, Paul Shenar.

A completely brilliant portrayal about a gang boss rise and fall. The so-called cineasts are usually saying that Al Pacino was best in "The Godfather" films and "Scent of a woman". But it┤s all wrong. It is in "Scarface" that he does the performance of his life. But "Scarface" contains very gross realistic violence, therefore have many repressed it. Al Pacino has given the rage a face. And he┤s probably never been so angry that he is in "Scarface". Here he gets himself into a mess all the time, on account of his hot temperament. And it also turns out to be the end for him. "Scarface" is partly based on a true story, and was therefore very observed and misunderstood by many.

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In 1980 is Fidel Castro allowed some Cubans to cross over to their relatives in USA. But when the boats from USA came to get them, forced Castro the boat owners to bring along criminals from his prison too. From those 125 000 refugees who came to Florida were 25 000 criminals. With on the boats is Tony Montana (Al Pacino) and Manny (Steven Bauer). They get a job as dishwashers at a third-rate eating-house, but Tony wants to be successful and becomes tired of the shit job. They quit their jobs, and with the use of their criminal contacts, are they get a new job. They and some of their pals are going to make a deal with some Colombians, and get two kg coke.

Of course are the Colombians causes trouble for them, and a large bloodshed breaks out. The Colombians are shot down, but Tony┤s pals are also badly mauled. Tony manage however to bring along both the coke and the money, and he and Manny are personally deliver the things to the boss Frank Lopez (Robert Loggia). Frank is overwhelmed by gratitude and employs them both as assistants. But Tony is not satisfied by that, but pokes his nose into everything and is also flirting with Frank┤s broad, Elvira (Michelle Pfeiffer). Frank is finally get pissed-of, and sends assassins after him. Tony escapes with a slight injury, and takes then a dreadful revenge on Frank.

Now is Tony the boss, and he also take over Elvira. But now starts the downward spiral for him. His big cocaine trade with the drug king in Colombia attracts attention, and the cop catch him red-handed in the very act. In addition to that is Elvira begins to take a little too much of the snow, and now isn┤t it so fun any more for Tony. The drug king Sosa has corrupt friends in the US government who can prevent an imprisonment for him, but in return he must help Sosa┤s hired assassin Alberto, to liquidate a person who has been a thorn in the side. When they shall execute the outrage is however children also to be considered, and Tony who is fond of children, refuse to do it and shoot Alberto in the head instead. The curtain falls for Tony.

As I earlier mentioned is Al Pacino absolutely fabulous. And Brian De Palma really knows how to use him too. I definitely think he is in every single scene in the film. Otherwise are the other actors also great. The dialogue between them are for the most part very funny. A more stupid person than Manny is hard to find, when he shows Tony his talents in picking up chicks in USA. "Scarface" is almost three hours long, but it┤s absolutely a necessity. There isn┤t a picture that is unnecessary. It can┤t be better than this. Presumably the twentieth centuries best film.

Kent Palmgren

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