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Rush Hour 2  

This is basically just a retread of the first Rush Hour film, but in my opinion, refines the formula to create a similar, but yet more fun version. Theres more Jackie-Chan chock socky action, and Chris Tucker is even allowed to join in some of the fights.

The humour, although far from subtle, and slightly racist in parts (?!), is a little more effective too. Its still just another 'mismatched cop duo' flick in the end though, and suffers from an overwhelming sense of been-there-done-that.

Its probably one of the most thoroughly over-done and lampooned genres ever created on the silver screen, an its high time it was sealed away for ever.

This is one of the better executed examples though, and fans of the original certainly won't be dissapointed, unless they wanted to see something fresh happen to the franchise (lets face it, it made enough money in America to make at least one more after this). Definetely worth renting on video alongside a six pack and a take away pizza.



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