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The Road To Eldorado  

Cast (voices only)
Tulio (Kevin Kline)
Miguel (Kenneth Branagh)
Tzekel-Kan (Armand Assante)
Chief (Edward James Olmos)
Chel (Rosie Perez)
Directed by Don Paul and Eric Bergerson Written by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio
Rated PG for mild thematic material and language Running Time: 89 minutes Distributed by Dreamworks SKG

Road to El Dorado
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The Road to El Dorado is an enjoyable and very funny animated family film. Tulio (Kline) and Miguel (Branagh), a pair of con men, believe that they have found their path to fortune and glory when they win a map to El Dorado, the legendary lost City of Gold. There is only one problem, they've wound up locked in the brig on a ship of the Spanish explorer Cortes. After a daring escape, the two manage to stumble onto El Dorado only to find that their troubles are just beginning.

The Road to El Dorado is a fun movie for everybody. It has a classic story about dreams and friendship blended with hilarious comedy. The script by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio is very adequate for all audiences. The film also has characters that are animals, like in every animated film. However, Elliott and Rossio chose to have the animals to become recognizable characters by their actions, not by having them talk. I thought that this decision worked very well in the development of certain characters in the film.

Kevin Kline, Kenneth Branagh, Edward James Olmos, Armand Assante and Rosie Perez lend their voices to give life to the animated characters in The Road to El Dorado. I saw it mostly with the Rosie Perez character, but I believe that the artists of this film also drew the character's facial structures to resemble the actors who are giving their voice.

Songwriter Tim Rice and rocker Elton John team up again to provide the songs for The Road to El Dorado. Rice and John were the team that developed the outstanding music for Disney's The Lion King, in which still stands as Rice and John's best collaboration. Also the musical score by Hans Zimmer is very effective and enduring for the adventure feeling of this film.

The animation in The Road to El Dorado is brilliant. It just seems that the animators at Dreamworks and Disney never fail to amaze me with their creative, talented and expressive animation.

Report Card Grade: B

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