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Return Of The Living Dead  

USA 1985 Directed by Dan O┤Bannon. Starring: Thom Mathews, Clu Gulager, James Karen, Don Calfa.

In a medical supply center nearby a cemetery, has the army secret chemicals in the cellar. When the two workers in the medical supply center muck things up, is the chemicals spread out all over the place, and over the cemetery there the dead comes to life. They are in pursuit of brains to ease the pain. Because it hurts to be dead.

This is perhaps the craziest film I┤ve ever seen. But I really like it. When I saw "Return of the Living Dead" for the first time, I thought it was a bad follow-up to "Night of the Living Dead". I got it so wrong. Even though it was built on this film, was it even better than "Night of the Living Dead".

The first half of the film is very funny, and full of sick black humor. But somewhere about in the middle, it begins to be a little bit more serious, and the end is surprisingly dramatic. "Return of the Living Dead" is a perfect blend of horror and comedy. And I think it┤s the comedy element, that does it makes it so good. The acting are all good, especially them I mentioned in the cast. (But the two workers were actually awfully tiresome to listen to, when the rigor mortis came, and they start to scream and whine.) The theme song is absolutely superb, and the punk-soundtrack (which I normally didn┤t like) is OK.

Kent Palmgren

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