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Ready To Rumble  

Well wrestling is at a all time high WWF Leads the bunch then there is WCW and ECW so how can the number two spots try to get some of the number 1 heat we all know WCW is loosing the battle to WWF so it a last hop kind off WCW make a movie and it one hell of a funny movie it’s called Ready To Rumble Wrestling champion Jimmy King (OLIVER PLATT) is everything die-hard wrestling fans Gordie Boggs (DAVID ARQUETTE) and Sean Dawkins (SCOTT CAAN) would love to be. A dreamer, an athlete, a true champion — with his crown, cape and scepter, he is a giant in his profession. Other wrestlers can only tremble in fear of his deadly finishing move, "The Crown" — a two-handed flying slap.

Gordie and Sean live at home, have dead end jobs and no girlfriends, but none of that matters on Friday night when they at last get to see their idol live and in person at WCW Monday Nitro.

Ready to Rumble
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But as the lights swirl and the Nitro girls dance, something goes horribly wrong for the King. He is ambushed by a ring-full of hostile turncoats. At the match’s shocking end, Jimmy King takes a mighty, career-ending fall. After his humiliating defeat, the King disappears into obscurity, a casualty to the high drama of the wrestling profession.

Heartbroken and in shock, Gordie and Sean nonetheless decide to embark on an odyssey of discovery to hunt down their fallen hero. The world wants to know how come wrestling got so popular like it did because wrestling is a male soap opera we cant get enough this movie was very funny and the acting was ok but remember this is a wrestling movie and movie that has a movie star get power bomb by a wrestler is funny everyone says wrestling is fake it is it all stage the winner is already pick but wrestlers are human too they do get hurt you will see a lot of WCW wrestlers in here like Goldberg Diamond, Dallas Page, Sting, Sid Vicious and others as well as some popular movie stars like Rose Mcgowan, Joe Pantoliano and Martin Landau. Guess what Rose plays one of the nitro girls and let me tell you wait till you see inside the dressing room of the nitro girls they are so hot. Wrestling fans will like this movie a lot go see this film and get Ready To Rumble.

© Paul Perkins

The King's Room

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