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Aaaargghhh! Sorry I have nothing against kids Movies in general , Bambi , Dumbo and The Jungle Book being some of my favourite movies of all time. It has been known for me to sit down and watch quite happily a kids movie and not care for any adult dialogue or action and just enjoy them for what they should be PURE ENTERTAINMENT.

Entertainment however is something this Movie is not. This Movie is nothing more than an advert for the vast array of things that kids can buy about the characters. At least The Phantom Menace which had more toys than most Movies ever had the decency to give us a halfway decent plot.

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This Movie consists of approximately 70 mins( dont quote me on that figure I was tto bored to be certain) of fighting between the characters and a 10 minute resolution in which the characters decide that it is not a good idea to fight and that they should all be friends.

That took a lot of effort didn't it. When I was a kid I reckoned I was more sophisticated than that. And I am sure that kids are a lot more sophisticated than that now. Surely we shouldn't shortchange them like this.

Tall Guy

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