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Pitch Black  

After reading good things about Pitch Black, I was quite looking forward to it. I was however, a bit dissapointed.

I had heard that it was in a B-movie style, so I was expecting maybe some dodgy lines and some hammy acting, but the script was just a little too bad, and the acting a little too poor to be enjoyable.

Most of the characters were annoying, so you didn't mind if any of them died, Vin Diesel was the only notable exception. Okay, so he's hardly Brando, but he did dominate the screen whenever he appeared.
Pitch Black
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Although the film was quite stylish in parts, and a couple of shots are quite menacing (the majority of which are on the trailer), the film never really comes together as it should. A film this one should have looked to would be something like The Relic, where its cheap and cheesy, but its still great fun.

Pitch Black takes itself a little too seriously at times, and contains some very odd ethics (Vin Diesel's murderer is forgiven for all his sins and becomes the hero). Above its faults, Pitch Black is still a reasonably entertaining film, but there are better out there. 5/10

David Brook
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