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The People Vs. Larry Flynt  

1996 130 mins

dir - Milos Forman

stars - Woody Harrelson - Larry Flynt Courtney Love - Althea Leasure Edward Norton - Alan Isaacman Brett Harrelson - Jimmy Flynt

The People vs. Larry Flynt is the story of porn magazine chairman Larry Flynt who launched Hustler magazine, a porn magazine that broke all taboos and crossed all boundaries and which became a huge success and earned Flynt a great deal of power in the American Community. This inevitably caused massive opposition and public outrage and he had to fight to keep his buisiness up and running. Flynt was proud of the fact that his magazine was so daring and willing to go places that his contemporaries (most notably Playboy) never dared and, as he was prepared to cross these boundaries he was also prepared to take all the consequences that came with it to protect what he saw as a breach of people's freedom of speech. Huster's popularity amongst its fans was unquestionable and as this fan base grew so did Larry Flynt's empire and power and his continued attempts to further and further shock America were met with more powerful and wide-spread opposition, from politicians to religious figures all of whom wanted to see the end of Flynt and his empire.

The acting in this film is first class especially from the three main characters. Woody Harrelson who I think is class anyway plays Larry Flynt, Courtney Love, although she seems to play a junkie stripper in every film she is in is good as his wife Althea (she spends most of the film with no clothes on which is a bonus) and Edward Norton who plays Alan Isaacman his lawyer also gives a good performance and makes a great speach to the jury when summing up his defense in one of the many court appearances.

It is a very entertaining film made all the more watchable because a) it is a true story and b) because you can't help liking Flynt even if you don't agree with what he does because he is still a likeable person and you have to admire what he stands for, which is freedom of speech and the power of his ambition.


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