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Pay It Forward  

OK, let's start with the high concept of this movie. You help someone out with a good turn, not just a little one mind, but a big life changing event. Then instead of paying you back for the favour they do the same for three other people.

Now in the hands of a less slushy director this could have been a movie that really had something big to say about the way we live our lives today, a real STATEMENT movie. But hell no this is a Mimi Leder movie so what do we get instead?

Yes, just like her other movies we get a sentimental schmaltz fest. Yes this movie just makes you want to be sick it is so cloying.
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And instead of concentrating on the big issues that could have been examined she chooses to focus entirely on Haley Joel Osment's attempts to fix his mother, played by Helen Hunt, with his teacher played by Kevin Spacey.

And that is pretty much all that is in this movie. A love story. Same as we have seen a million times before.

What a waste.

Tall Guy

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