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Original Kings Of Comedy  

I have always wanted to go to see a comedy show for the longest time but it’s hard when you see movies 4 times a week. Her is my chance to see it on the big screen the movie is called. The Original Kings of Comedy a cultural phenomenon for our time: Spike Lee captures the comic genius behind the successful “Kings of Comedy” tour as they bring the house down at The Charlotte Coliseum in Charlotte, N.C.

In the concert feature film “The Original Kings of Comedy,” acclaimed director Spike Lee brings his aesthetic sensibility and distinct style to the comedy concert film genre, as he documents the individual talents of Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Cedric The Entertainer, and Bernie Mac and reveals the behind the scenes activities of a tour that continues to sell out arenas.

There’s has been some great comedy concert films over the years Richard Pryor's Live On the Sunset Strip, Eddie Murphy's Raw, and Martin Lawrence's You So Crazy. And The King’s can be added to the list this was one funny show and movie all the performers rock the house and will make you die laughing. Here is a little bit of info on the performers.

Steve Harvey Is the host of the show he also host on TV’S its Showtime at the Apollo and the star of TV's The Steve Harvey Show. In Kings he was very funny I give him 4 stars on funniness. D.L. Hughley was the second performer of the Kings. He can be seen on his own TV’s show called The Hughleys. He was funny but not funnier then the rest 3 ½ stars on funniness. Cedric The Entertainer was the third performer of the Kings. He can be seen with Steve Harvey on TV’S The Steve Harvey Show. He was very funny, 4 stars on funniness. Bernie Mac was the last performer on the Kings. He can be seen it a list of movies Friday, Life and TV's Moesha. He was the King of the show he is one very funny man and tells you as he sees them straight to the point. 5 stars on funniness

Overall this was one funny concert movie the jokes can be raunchy to some. But hey this is a comedy concert movie it has to have it in it. You will be laughing out loud; you may have a heart attack laughing so much.

© Paul Perkins

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