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Nutty Professor II : The Klumps  

Yes, Eddie Murphy is on his way to becoming washed up again--unless he makes a movie about picking up transvestite's on his way home to his wife and kids (that might be funny--to see his wife go ballistic like Lionel Richie's first wife Brenda).

The Klumps--especially Granny were the highlight of the first Nutty Professor bar none. But they are the downfall of the sequel--that is to say that Eddie just couldn't pull it off. Perhaps it was the horrible script and the annoying Buddy Love (he is too overboard and not funny).
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Or perhaps the Klumps just aren't as funny when they have to carry the comedic weight of an entire flim (that is to say that the writer's couldn't write a good movie for them). Oh, but the worse thing about this movie can be summed up in two words--JANET JACKSON. She sucks. She is not a very good singer let alone a strong enough actress to do anything other than look like her freak show brother Michael. (Maybe she sould play him in a film about his crazy life). She should get singing lessons from Tina Turner and learn how to belt out tunes with some energy and soul (she has the voice power of a mouse and the vocal range of a IBM computer shutting down) and she should get acting lessons from Angela Bassett (ie What's Love Got To Do With It) and learn how to do anything other than waste screen space.


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