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Next Friday  

Next Friday is the new film from writer, producer and star Ice Cuba conting his role as Craig Jones still living with his parents Mr. Jones (John Wittherspoon) the story start off where last Friday left off he just beat up Debo (Tommy “Tiny” Lister Jr) so Craig father sent him to live with his uncle Elroy (Don “D.C” Curry) His Cousin Day-Day (Mike Epps) and wild aunt Suga (Kym E. Whitley) But when Craig Gets there Debo breaks out of jail with some help of his partner Tyrone (Sticky Fingaz) and come looking for Craig.

First off Chris Tucker is not in this movie because of money he wanted more then the studio wanted to give him. It did hurt this film because Chris made Friday he was the funniest person in the film so this film lack his style and his comedy. The story said Smokey (Chris Tucker) went to rehab and won’t be out any time soon.
Next Friday
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Some of the scenes didn’t make any sense like when Debo and Tyrone breaks out of Prison they run throw the street with convict outfits and chains and no cops or any body try to stop them what kind of town any where else that would ‘t happen You will see couple of the same jokes from the first one which they should not have done one of the same jokes that was good was the father know out one of the Joker brothers and says to him Young man you got knock the you know the rest.

The director Steve Carr did do an ok job it was funny even so some of the jokes were old but this is no way better then the first Friday I feel Chris Tucker should have done this movie no matter how much they would gave him an sequel is not same with out the same cast. Last talk about the supporting cast there is Mike Epps (Day Day) he did a good job trying to be like Smokey of course he is not but he was good for his starting role.

Justin Pierce (Roach) was kind of stupid John Witherspoon (Mr. Jones) was one of the funniest cast members even so he is not in it as much but he funny when he is. Don “D.C” Curry (Uncle Elroy) was funny as Craig uncle him and his movie wife was wild and funny. Tommy Tiny Lister Jr (Debo) Like him in the other movie he is the same here big and mean and hates Craig.

Steve also did a good job cast the neighbors Amy Hill (Miss Ho Kym) and the Jokers brothers played by Lobo Sebastian, Jacob Vargas, Rolando Molina who is three Spanish brothers who also just got out of prison and makes trouble in the town for Craig and Day Day. So I will say this Next Friday is not that bad I have seen worst but it is not the first one go see the first one you will love the first Friday then see this one.

© Paul Perkins

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