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Next Best Thing  

This movie is most definitely a case of right actors, wrong movie. It is a romantic drama in which Madonna gets pregnant by accident to her gay friend who is played by Rupert Everett. The movie focuses on their bringing up of the child in a weird sort fo family relationship, but things then get complicated by Madonna falling in love for someone else.

Sounds interesting doesn't it? Well the first segment of the movie is quite fun with both Madonna and Everett playing well against each other with just the right amount of silliness and the proceedings run along at a nice light pace. Everett's strength as an actor is in his comedy and yes he is to be admired in the first half of the movie.
Next Best Thing, The
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However at the halfway point the movie decides to change its tone and become a serious movie. But neither Madonna or Everett seem very comfortable with this change of tone and appear ill at ease with this change. Everett especially makes a bit of a hash of his attempts at anger and it simply jars.

Maybe if Madonna and Everett were to get together on another movie with a better script then things would be more entertaining.

What's worse is that this movie is directed by John Schlesinger , of Midnight Cowboy fame.

What a shame.

Tall Guy

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