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National Lampoon's Vacation  


Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, 
Randy Quaid
Directed by Harold Ramis 
Reviewed 01/02/01 

I can give my recommendation on a film that makes me laugh (that is if it is trying to).  With that said I back up my (B) recommendation of Natonal Lampoon's Vacation.  In the film the Griswold family goes on a vacation to Walley World in California.  And, ofcourse, they drive.  Throughout the trip they experience various obstacles placed in the film in a very humourous manner.  My favourite stop along the way to Walley World was at cousin Eddie's, played by Randy Quaid.  The film plays out as a "stupid comedy".  It is done very well.

The thing that makes this "stupid comedy" work is the characters.  I enjoyed not only the family but also Eddie and his family, and Aunt Edna.  The movie does not work like an Airplane! as in everything is just so outlandishly funny but just in the actions of the characters.  I enjoy some "stupid comedies" and have admired greatly some as well.  This is not among my favourites which include Young Frankenstein, National Lampoon's Animal House, Silent Movie, Airplane!, Dumb and Dumber and Kingpin but I did have a good time watching it.

It is difficult to review a film such as this for there is not really any true character development, great direction or satire involved.  So, it is strictly just a "have a good time and laugh your butt off movie".  I do not want to tell of any of the parts in the film which made me laugh for I would consider that a spoiler, and that's not what movie reviews are about (only in my analysis of the year's top film are important plot points and other developments revealed).  This movie made me laugh and  if you are looking for a movie for no other reason but to be entertained with humour, Vacation will do the trick.

Blair Bass

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