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Myra Breckenridge  

A famed Faux Pas Of Moviedom

Myra Breckenridge is another famed faux pas of filmdom. This jewel even has it's own web page now and a cult following due to it's recent cable re-release.

The plot sounds great, it's just the way the movie was filmed that makes you sick.

A gay movie buff named Myron Breckenridge (Rex Reed) goes to Copenhagen to get a sex change and comes out Myra Breckenridge(Raquel Welch!). He/she continues on to her Uncle Buck (John Huston) Loner's academy of the arts in Hollywood.

The goal is to shake down Uncle Buck for half a million bucks. While at the academy Myra Breckenridge meets a handsome couple (Roger Heron and Farrah Fawcett) and decides to seduce/rape both of them. A lecherous talent scout (Mae West in her first film role since 1943!) named Leticia Van Allen stalks the academy for studs and is good for a few wise cracks. "I'm going to start my own boy bank where my credit is always good.......sort of a lay-a-day plan."

There are two West musical numbers and a wild rape scene in which Raquel straps Roger Heron to a surgical table and lets him have it with a strap-on. There's also a scene with Raquel and Farrah in bed together but Farrah is being a prude and stops Rocky from grabbing her tits.

Special appearances by Tom Selleck (screen debut), Jim Backus, Slim Pickens, Andy Devine, John Carradine (the cigarette smoking doctor who lops off Myrons penis with one hand), and Kathleen Freeman.

Fox, 1970, color

Nick Langdon

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