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My Dog Skip  

Jack Morris (Kevin Bacon)
Willie Morris (Frankie Muniz)
Ellen Morris (Diane Lane)
Dink Jenkins (Luke Wilson)
Directed by Jay Russell Written by Gail Gilchriest based on Willie Morris' novella Rated PG for some violent content and mild language Running Time: 95 minutes Distributed by Warner Bros.

My Dog Skip is a fantastic coming of age drama for all audiences. The film takes place in 1942 in Yazoo, Mississippi. Willie Morris (Muniz) is a lonely and isolated nine-year-old boy, whose only friend Dink (Wilson) just got drafted to go fight in World War II. Knowing that Willie needs a companion more than anyone, his parents give him a puppy for his birthday. Skip quickly becomes a likeable dog to everyone in Yazoo, especially Willie. Skip becomes Willie's best friend and he also helps Willie get more new friends, along with opening his eyes to the joy of life.

My Dog Skip is a great movie that I believe will please anyone who watches it. It is one of those films that come around every once and a while and makes you laugh, cry and smile. My Dog Skip is a movie that has a special magic in it.

Gail Gilchriest's script seemed very accurate from what I have learned about the story of Willie Morris and his dog Skip. The development of everything in the script is excellent. The characters themselves grow on you, the sequencing is effective and the relationships in the film are very strong. My Dog Skip is a simple film that has a very sharp script.

The whole acting ensemble does a credible job in this film. With his performance in My Dog Skip, Frankie Muniz joins The Sixth Sense's Haley Joel Osment as the two best child actors in Hollywood. Muniz is the main star on Fox's new hit TV show Malcolm in the Middle. I found Muniz's acting to be amazing; he shows great maturity with his character Willie. Muniz never seem out of character in My Dog Skip, which is an aspect that I don't see a lot with child actors. Just look at Jake Lloyd in Star Wars: Episode I for example. Kevin Bacon also gives a brilliant performance as Willie's good-hearted father who lost his leg in the Spanish Civil War. Luke Wilson also gives a bold supporting performance in My Dog Skip as Willie's good friend Dink.

I just can't say enough about My Dog Skip, expect to go see it. It is a great little movie that will not disappoint. I see this film as becoming a memorable piece of entertainment.

Report Card Grade: A

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