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The Mummy Returns  

Directed By: Stephen Sommers Cast: Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, Dwayne Johnson Rated: PG-13 Written By: Stephen Sommers Running Time: 125 Mins

I've printed two opinions of The Mummy Returns here as they both have different things to say about the movie First up we have Mazzyboi.

Mummies have been buried under the sand for thousand of years, and there are rumors of curses to those who disinter them. "The Mummy Returns" continues the saga of the 1999 box-office blockbuster, however this time the adventure is even more unengaging and ludicrous than before. Maybe they should have thought twice before unearthing this sequel, for now we are truly cursed by having to watch a dismally appalling attempt to create a magical journey.

It is 1935, and Rick O' Connell (Brendan Fraser) is back for more adventure. However, nowadays he is married to Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) and has a nine-year-old son Alex (newcomer Freddie Boath). Imhotep's mummy has just been resurrected by an evil British museum curator, and now vows vengeance and immortality. All he needs to find is the Bracelet of Anubis, which will lead him to the fabled desert oasis of Ahm Shere. This will then cause the resurrection of the Scorpion King (The Rock), who he will need to defeat to get ultimate power. However, the young Alex has the bracelet locked on to his wrist, so the boy is kidnapped by Imhotep, as Rick and Evelyn, with a few friends, try to rescue their son and prevent the world from horrendous consequences.

"The Mummy" comes back and tries to haunt us again, but this time it horrifically fails. The dialogue is so lame that I would rather have tried to decipher hieroglyphics than listen to the characters babble on and on. Fraser's character is so forgettable that I couldn't even remember his name after the movie ended. Rick O' Connell is Indiana Jones minus the charm and screen presence. A lot of the story points are based too much on coincidences that it becomes absurd, like how Evelyn conveniently just happens to be the reincarnation of the bracelet's guardian or how Alex just stopped the train at exactly the right place where Imhotep wanted to go. Usually a movie like this would somewhat redeem itself with state of the art visual effects and cinematography, but at some points in the film, I was wondering if I was watching a cartoon or not. In other words, I wasn't too impressed.

The movie did have somewhat entertaining bits. The final 20 minutes had feisty fight scenes, and I really liked the flashbacks and retelling of the mythic past. However, when the movie jumps back to the twentieth century, the magic is gone and we are left with a vapid and contrived narrative. "The Mummy Returns" is another poor excuse of a sequel trying to one up its predecessor. However, it falls terribly flat. At one point in the film, Evelyn asks, "How does the story end?" and I was just thinking only if.

Mummy Returns, The
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Next up we have Paul Perkin's opinion.

A Great Start For The Summer Season

On May 7, 1999 Universal release a great action/adventure movie that made a killing at the box office called The Mummy. Well it now 1 year 362 days later and Universal is doing it again the next chapter is called The Mummy Returns.

Which reunites the same team with a couple of new faces. It has been 10 years since Rick O Connell (Brendan Fraser) and Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) fought for their life against Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo). The two are married and very much in love and they have a son name Alex (Freddie Boath) who is smart like his father and nosey like his mother. This time the film is set in 1933 the year of the Scorpion and two forces has just awaken.

One of course is Imhotep who still wants to fulfill his quest to become immortality. When the two meet it going to be one hell of a fight. The quest will take everyone back to Egypt unto the ring or should I say realm of (The Most Electrifying Man In Sport Entertainment Sorry wrong role) The Scorpion King (The Rock) who possesses powers, secrets and strengths beyond even the dreaded Imhotep as it gonna be one hell of a quest for everyone.

Well it summer time and all the big movies are going to be coming out. The Mummy Returns was one of the main one I been waiting for. Well after seeing the film can I say it was worth the wait. Before I can answer that I will tell you some good and bad things about the film.


The idea of the film was good and how the characters interact with the story was good. The first one had a lot of special effects. Well this one does as well with some new things that were pretty good. The cast was good. Brendan did a great job thank god. He needed a hit after his last film called Monkey Bone. John Hannah and Arnold Vosloo also did a great job in the film. The two new faces which The Mummy Returns was their first film Freddie and The Rock did a very good job. I think The Rock could be a great actor. We know he is a great wrestler. I think the two who stole the show were Rachel Weisz and Patricia Velasquez who both did a very good job at fighting each other and help there men in their lives. The score was very good. Some of the scenes remind me of other great films like Jurassic Park, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. The look of the movie was good. The Egypt landscapes and clothes were very good.


One of the main reasons I wanted to see The Mummy Returns is because of The Rock even so I am movie critic I am a big wresting fan and I wanted to see Rock in his big movie role. For all your wrestling fans out there he is in the film for only 10 mins. I was so mad when I left the theater He should be in the film longer then that. The ending was kind of lame. Because the way the scene look. It looks kind of cheesy.

To answers the question from before. Yes even so of the two things I mention above.

Overall The Mummy Returns was a good film it had the feel of the first one with a little bit better effects. The first film was better but this one was a good sequel. The Mummy Returns is worth the price of admission and every one should go see it and Snell what the Film is cooking.

© Paul Perkins

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