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Mission To Mars  

Well you've heard that the Moon was made of Cheese. Did you think Mars was too ?

Well, maybe Mars isn't made out of Cheese but boy this film is stuffed with it. Brian De Palma one of out most inventive directors has never exactly been know for having the best dialogue in his Movies surpasses himself with this one. Did the actors not feel embaressed saying soem of the lines in this film? I know I would have.

The idea of this Movie is a great one and is so close to being a success but another fault with it is the complete cribbage from so many other space Movies. See if you can spot scenes "borrowed" from 2001, Close Encounter of The Third Kind and The Abyss.
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Now I for one am no prude when it comes to referencing other Movies but this film is not very subtle in the way that it does it which is a shame as I really wanted to enjoy this Movie.

You can see there has been a lot of effort went into the design of the spacesuits and the spaceships which have apparently been based on actual designs from NASA.

Still never mind there is another Mars movie on its way Red Planet, lets hope it's much better.

Tall Guy

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