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Million Dollar Hotel  

Can you imagine that Bono, lead singer with U2 (you say you knew that already? wow) could be a great Movie writer. Do you think he has any previous experience of writing for the screen. Yes he has done score for films and plays before. But a Movie script is a whole different thing. That plus the fact that it has taken him quite a few years to get it off the ground doesn't exactly bode well for the finished project does it?

Apparently Rattle & Hum director Phil Joannou was rumoured to be helming it at one point. Then somehow mel Gibson and his production company got involved. Guess who ends up starring in it. Yes Mel Gibson. Now is that a spooky coincidence or what, now how many actors did the production company test for the role? I would not like to take a guess.
Million Dollar Hotel, The
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Mel Gibsons character is a FBI investigator who is called into the aforementioned hotel to investigate a suicide of a resident. Do you think that Bono wrote a script that is based in a Hotel because he spends most of his life in hotels?

There are various characters who flit through the Movie and they are all pretty weird and their acting is a bit on the hammy side if truth be told. Think Twin Peaks, but whereas Twin Peaks kept drawing you into its own weird eccentric world, this I'm afraid makes you want to run away.

While in making you question everything you see in the Movie is a very good idea, the actual finished is flawed. There is nothing in this Movie to actually make you care about what is happening on screen and shouldn't there at least be one thing you can care about in every movie ?

Nothing seems to gel together to make this into a coherent Movie.

Instead of watching this Movie I recommend the soundtrack, I can wholeheartedly recommend that. So from now on Bono please stick to what you are good at , Music.

Tall Guy

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